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Guangling College of Yangzhou University

The history of Guangling College of Yangzhou University can be traced back to December 1998 when the former Jiangsu Provincial Education Commission approved Yangzhou University to set up an affiliated college. It was in May 2005 that Guangling was approved by the Ministry of Education P.R. China to become an independent college.


Guangling College is located in the best part of two national parks in Yangzhou, namely the Yangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone and Yangzhou High-tech Industrial Development Zone. The campus covers an area of more than 800 Mu and is surrounded by water on three sides. It is a garden-style, intelligent campus with pleasant environment and advanced facilities.


The College shares the high-quality education resources of Yangzhou University, including the faculty members, library collection and experimental equipment. Professors and associate professors take more than 65% of the total teachers.


The college now provides 34 undergraduate programs with an enrollment of over 10000 students. Since 1999, the college has been adhering to the motto of "student oriented, innovation driven, quality and effectiveness centered excellence with distinct characteristics". Most of the graduates received high evaluation from employers in various fields, and among them a large number of outstanding alumni emerged. The employment rate of college graduates has remained above 97% since its establishment.


The college adheres to the principle of strict management and has formed a management philosophy with humanistic care. Students are encouraged to participate in real practices.  Altogether 48 associations have been formed by students and various campus activities are held throughout the year, including the "Success in Guangling" Science and Technology Culture Festival; the Student Community Culture Festival; the Architectural Culture Festival; the Clothing and Leather Culture Festival; the Nurse Culture Festival and the Grammar Culture Festival, etc. The College has been listed in the Advanced Communist Youth Leagues in Jiangsu for years.


The college now provides state scholarships, national motivational scholarships, special scholarships, principal scholarships, Zhu Jingwen scholarships and other grants to the students. Every year over 40% of the students benefit from the total grant of 7 million yuan. Most common grants include the state scholarships with a value of 8000 yuan / year /student, state motivational scholarships 5000 yuan / year/ student, and special scholarship 6000 yuan / year/student. The college also gives grants funded by entrepreneurs, such as the "Chinese Studies Grant", "Yangzhou Five Pavillion Bridge Cylinder Liner Scholarship", "Optimus Prime Scholarship" and so on. The annual amount of such grants exceeds 1 million yuan. Another 3 million yuan is given to students who work part-timely on campus every year.


The college aims at cultivating talents with the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship. Many funds are provided to encourage student projects, such as " Student Entrepreneurship Incubation Fund", "Aiwen Entrepreneurship Fund", "Yangjie Electronic Innovation Fund", providing a good platform for students to carry out scientific and technological innovation activities, participate in entrepreneurial practice and various other competitions. Students achieved excellent performance in national competitions like the national "Challenge Cup" extracurricular academic science and technology works competition; the national youth entrepreneurship competition; the national Internet + innovation and entrepreneurship competition; the national undergraduate computer design competition; the national undergraduate modeling innovation competition; the national students' advanced mapping technology and product information modeling; and the national luggage design competition. Efforts are made to aid the preparations for postgraduate entrance examinations, and an increasing number of students have been admitted by renowned domestic and international universities like Nanjing University, Zhejiang University, Southeast University, and Yangzhou University. The proportion of students in Environmental Engineering pursuing postgraduate study has reached 32.5%, Landscape Architecture 38.9%, and Microelectronics 30.6%. Many graduates have been employed in government departments and various institutions of all levels.


As one of the first independent colleges in Jiangsu Province, Guangling College of Yangzhou University has been showing in the last 20 years vigorous vitality with "advanced ideas, distinct characteristics, comprehensive strength, good reputation and broad prospects for development". In the new era, more opportunities are presenting themselves to Guanling College and more successes await.

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